The Promise of Providence

My blogging has taken a back seat over the last two weeks as I prepared a message on the Providence of God from Romans 8.28. Although its a well known verse I tried to bring something of the wonder and majesty of the Providence of God from what I have been reading in Calvin to it, together with an exposition of the text. I worked through the verse from the perspective of a spiritual journey, beginning with the end of the verse and working through to the beginning.

The basic theme was that as we begin in the family of God (“those who love him”), we start a journey. We must begin by understanding where we are headed (“God works for the good”), but along the way we will face trials that will test our faith, particularly when bad things happen. We will wonder how He can use everything (“all things”) for our good, but these trials will strengthen our faith so that eventually we will be able to know the assurance of this promise in our lives (“we know”).

Click here to go to Tayside Christian Fellowship’s website for a list of their recent sermons.

Slides: The Promise of Providence – Romans 8.28

I will upload the audio as soon as I have figured out how to do it!


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